About eTax

eTax has years of experience in the industry, originating in 1988. The concept is simple; eTax provides a turnkey solution for an existing business to become a tax office during tax season.

  • eTax has developed the easiest system to earn huge revenue in a short period of time, earning over $100 per tax return, utilizing only a location's existing customer base.
  • eTax’s web-based tax interview application is extremely user friendly and easy to use, requiring no tax knowledge.
  • Completing a tax return takes only minutes, allowing you to stay within your core business.
  • Through eTax, the taxpayer will receive a professionally prepared federal and state tax return. In addition to an easy return, the taxpayer may choose to receive their full refund within 24 hours or a portion of it instantly.
  • eTax does the work for you by handling setup with the IRS and bank, training your locations and even offering year-round support with our Live Help .